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After months of stalling, digging in and not taking the government seriously on its threats, it appears Bank of America (BOA) is ready to pay for its sale of toxic mortgage securities prior to the financial crisis that BOANewImagehit the United States starting in 2008.  The tentative deal would cost BOA more than $16 Billion and would end years of investigations into the matter.  The deal could still fall apart, but it appears BOA wants to put this behind them.

This does not mean individual cases will cease against BOA.  We have represented homeowners in many cases against BOA for breach of contract, foreclosure and other types of cases.  If BOA was the mortgage servicer on your home loan and you were foreclosed, or you are in the process of being foreclosed, you have rights.  Contact our firm today to speak to one of our consumer lawyers about your situation.  We can help.



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